Green Health Events is a growing entity!

A Little Bit About Us…

Dawn Meredith-Davies


Co-founder of Green Health Events, Dawn is an holistic physiotherapist who is fascinated by anything to do with natural health.


She not only runs (barefoot when she can, and in her Five Fingers ‘minimalists’ shoes otherwise!) and leads running workshops, she’s also a yoga-fanatic and is currently blogging and writing her forthcoming book.


Dawn’s also married to…


Phil Trett


All round rock, superstar husband and co-founder of Green Health Events, Phil is more at home in or on the water – either playing water polo or windsurfing!


Phil occasionally joins Dawn for the odd little run (but more often than not, he’ll be found accompanying her on his Hang Ten beach cruiser bike! ; )


Cheryl Tye


New member to the Green Health Events Team, Cheryl has been involved in all aspects of running forever – be it training and competing herself or coaching coaches to coach others!


We’re delighted that Cheryl has joined the team and has brought her wealth of experience with her!



Drop us a line here if you’re interested in getting involved with future Green Health Events (as we’ve got some exciting things in store!)