Written by: Dawn Meredith-Davies

2nd February 2017

Free Pre-Race Training Sessions!


We’re going to be holding two training sessions for you prior to the Farmhouse Five 2017.


Now, when we say ‘training sessions’, we don’t mean running one mile repetitio

17th January 2017

Cross-Training Yourself Flexible


For a long time we’ve been huge fans of yoga to complement running…


Not just our own running, but also for those who visit the physio clinic with a running injury! It

10th January 2017

Predictor Team Challenge!

Predictor Team Challenge Image

Introducing the Predictor Team Challenge!


We’re adding in a team element to the Farmhouse Five 2017. It’s not obligatory, but it will be fun, and there will be prizes

20th December 2016

The Running Game


Running is a game.


No-one forces you to play, but when you decide to get involved, know that there will be hurdles to overcome and that you will have to fight to gain and

14th December 2016

Charity Race Places for 2017


We’re incredibly pleased to be supporting Ipswich’s Lighthouse Women’s Aid again this year.


Lighthouse do tremendously supportive and incredibly empowering w

6th December 2016

Our Farmhouse Five Partners 2017


As ever, our ethos as Green Health Events is to support all things local….we love our local area, the superb Suffolk countryside, of course, but this also includes the tremendously positive

29th November 2016

Farmhouse Five Is Back For 2017!


The Farmhouse Five is the race for all Running Goddesses!


(And that’s you…even if you’ve only recently picked up your running shoes : )



21st November 2016

Giving Back in 2016


One of the important themes from the Farmhouse Five for Females 2016 was supporting our chosen charities…


And with the theme of ‘females’ very much the order of the

18th November 2016

Amazingly Warm Feedback from 2016

Fountain pen on an antique handwritten letter

We were overwhelmed by the super generous and warm feedback that we received from runners after the Farmhouse Five in March 2016. Thanks to everyone who dropped us a line after the ev

18th November 2016

Farmhouse Five 2016 In A Nutshell


We had such a superb day at The Farmhouse Five for Females in March, that we’re doing it again in 2017! : )


For those who missed some of the fun and games on the day, h