17th January 2017

Cross-Training Yourself Flexible

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For a long time we’ve been huge fans of yoga to complement running…


Not just our own running, but also for those who visit the physio clinic with a running injury! It’s not often someone leaves the clinic room without learning a yoga stretch or two! ; )


Yoga isn’t about contorting into positions from which you can barely unravel…it’s about releasing the tensions that we hold in our body so that we are more mobile and able to access the movement patterns that are going to optimise our running…


It’s about finding freedom in your joints for better motion. And it’s about enhancing your internal strength while remaining flexible and it’s about connecting to the power of one’s breath, not only to fuel your running, but also to increase your focus, stabilise your mood and generally improve your experience of living!


It’s about all of those things…(contorting into those tricky shapes comes later…! ; )


If you’re interested in how yoga can help us to recover from injury and release ourselves from pain, here’s are the first parts of a series of articles published on Ekhart Yoga and written by our resident physiotherapist, Dawn Meredith-Davies…


Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


Posture, Alignment and Recovering From Injury


Meridians, Anatomy Trains and Music


Tension, E-Motion and the Breath



Many best wishes

Dawn & the Green Health Events Team

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