14th March 2017

Dedicated to Fitness and Fun

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We’re delighted to be teaming up with one of the area’s expanding, yet personalised training concepts…


The Fitness-Project based near Woodbridge’s Tide Mill, is run by Jay Close & Caroline Wilson.


With a passion of bringing together varied people and skills to enhance the range of possibilities, The Fitness-Project not only offers Personal Training, but is broadening its reach to provide osteopathic input (courtesy of Paul Lacey) and nutrition-based expertise.


In addition, and just as exciting for us here at Green Health Events, their group of runners – Suffolk Off-Road Runners – are exploring the terrain that we prize above all else with their coached running sessions!


The Fitness-Project and Green Health Events share common ground believing that collaboration in the health and fitness worlds resulting in delivering greater expertise knowledge and services, to the individual and the collective.




Jay Close


Jay is quite an inspiration on the ultra-running scene, with seemingly endless reserve! Having been in the fitness industry for many many years, he takes the idea of the individual super seriously – when working one to one with clients but also when offering small, focussed group sessions.


Dedicated to training the whole person, and offering running coaching expertise, Jay is your chap to go to in order to help realise your fitness goals!



Caroline Wilson


Caroline is the food coach on the team (and the manage-everything-behind-the-scenes director!). Taking her personal journey with health and nutrition to its fullest conclusion, she has applied rigorous learning about nutrition to support others in their pursuit for fitness and optimal health.


She’s also super lovely!



Paul Lacey


An osteopath with reams and reams of experience, Paul has joined up with Caroline and Jay to provide insight for a client when movement and the physical system require some additional input. A superb complement to Personal Training sessions, Paul offers appointments for treatment at the gym in Tide Mill Way.



Suffolk Off-Road Runners


Suffolk Off-Road Runners are a small group of invited clients of The Fitness-Project who are keen to improve their running and overall strength in the process!


The coached running sessions take place with Jay in Rendlesham Forest on a Sunday morning. Not only is running on the cards, but positive dynamic warm ups, discussion about Strength & Conditioning and also technique observation to make this a progressive, invaluable regular in the diary!



We know that some Farmhouse Five runners go and train with the Suffolk Off-Roaders…and some Suffolk Off-Roaders are coming along to the Farmhouse Five!



To find out more, visit The Fitness-Project website – www.thefitness-project.co.uk  – and come along and chat with them at Lux Farm on the 26th!



We look forward to welcoming them to the Race HQ : )

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