The boring bits that we’d like you to read through please…

(We’ll try to make it short and snappy!)

Sorry to be a bore, but there are some really important things that you must be aware of and agree to as you enter the race, so please read carefully through the below points:


I enter this race at my own risk.

I accept that I am sufficient physically fit to complete the distance.

I am aware that is this a multi-terrain race and I agree that the organisers – Green Health Events – will accept no liability for any injury that I may incur.

The route will take place on public footpaths, bridleways, and byways and there may be other users of the paths. I agree to respectfully allow right of way to other users.

There are various man-made obstacles on the route, such as bridges and kissing gates. I accept personal liability over these obstacles.

Any natural obstacles, such as tree roots, will be marked as best as possible. I am aware that there are limitations to the organisers’ ability to highlight each and every tree root, so I will be vigilant with my footing.

There are two very short sections where the route ventures onto or over a road; although these areas will be well marshalled, I am aware that the roads will not be closed to traffic on race day, and I will respect and adhere to the marshals’ instructions.

I agree that I will not wear headphones during the race so that I can hear said marshals’ instructions.

I am aware that the race headquarters, start and finish are on a private farm and that there may be uneven surfaces.

I will not light any naked flames on the farm site.

All dogs brought on to the farm site and race course will be kept on a lead.


Green Health Events accept no liability for personal possession brought onto the site.


In the unlikely event of adverse weather conditions on the day, I accept that the Event Team may have to cancel the race. The Event Team will inform me by email as soon as this decision has been made; it will also be announced on the race website. No refund will be made if the Event Team has to cancel the event.

There will be no refund available if I do not participate in the event.



Thank you

The Green Health Event Team