We love a spot of good news! We’re also aware that good news can sometimes be paired with some not so good news – as is the case here, we’re afraid…


But first the good news!


We are just about to launch a new project into the big wide world called Living Green Health.


Living Green Health brings together Dawn’s holistic physiotherapy and running worlds to enable you to enhance your running, overcome your physical ails and helps you understand the bigger connection to your overall health.


If you enjoy your running, then Living Green Health will keep you interested, motivated and thinking about your running and health in a different way! We have made the site with you in mind! : )


We’re very excited about the website and if you’d care to stay in the know then head on over to the Facebook page @runbreathelivegreen until the website is up, and well, running! There will be a lot unfolding in the coming months…


We look forward to seeing you there : )


And the less good news?


Well, we’re really sorry to announce that because we have been absolutely tied up with the new project, we are not going to be staging the Farmhouse Five this coming spring.


We are so so sorry about that!


It will be back! But as you know, you can only give so many things your all at any one time… ; )


Even though we’re really looking forward to launching the Living Green Health website in the coming months, we will miss the amazing atmosphere that the Farmhouse Five generates!


We will stay in touch about the next running of the race, and we’ll let you know when Living Green Health is live so that you can join us on the journey… See you on the LGH Facebook page in the meantime!


Search for ‘Living Green Health’ or use the @runbreathelivegreen


With our very best wishes for 2018!


Dawn and the Farmhouse Five Team