2nd February 2017

Free Pre-Race Training Sessions!

You Are Here:Free Pre-Race Training Sessions!

We’re going to be holding two training sessions for you prior to the Farmhouse Five 2017.


Now, when we say ‘training sessions’, we don’t mean running one mile repetitions as fast as you can, several hundred times over…nor do we mean flogging you up and down hills until your knees buckle…we promise you!


Join us in Christchurch Park In Ipswich for two training sessions to learn some cheeky little tips and tricks for your running technique (straight from Dawn’s Accessing Running Magic workshops!) to make it feel that bit lighter and brighter (and to apply on race day!)


They’ll be good fun, whatever the weather, and will be a super little motivator for the forthcoming race : )


You’ll get to try out all of the technique ideas and you’ll also get to know some of the other ladies who will be running in the Farmhouse Five 2017 on Sunday 26th March…


And they will be good fun!


What’s more, if you’ve already entered the Farmhouse Five 2017, they’ll be free to join!


Saturdays 11th and 18th March 2017, 10.30-12pm in Christchurch Park, Ipswich


So you can get to Parkrun if you wish beforehand, and arrive at the sessions nicely ‘warmed up’…but the sessions won’t be exhausting work – but more like fun, practical techique work – so feel free to run your heart out at Parkrun ; )


You will need to click here to sign up for the sessions…and to find out all the As to your Qs. Places are limited so be sure to sign up soon : )


Or click here to enter the race online first!


Come to both or just one training session – anyone can join us – but if you’ve already entered for the race, you’ll receive a code by email to get you a free ticket!


We look forward to seeing you in the park soon!


Dawn & The Green Health Events Team



Dawn Meredith-Davies is an holistic physiotherapist, as well as a long-time runner! She combines here physio knowledge and skills, her years of studying running, and combines these into insightful, fun workshops to help you get the most out of your running. See what some previous participants had to say about the Accessing Running Magic workshops and Movement Analysis courses:


“Makes such a difference to how you feel when you run, with immediate effect”


“The advice and recommendations instantly gave results – loads of great stuff to take away. Would recommend this to everyone!”


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