21st November 2016

Giving Back in 2016

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One of the important themes from the Farmhouse Five for Females 2016 was supporting our chosen charities…


And with the theme of ‘females’ very much the order of the day, we wanted to support two female-oriented charities.


One of which was right on our doorstep – Ipswich’s Lighthouse Women’s Aid. The charitable organisation provides emotional support and shelter to women and their children experiencing traumatic personal and family relationships. It’s massively important work locally and regionally, and we were delighted that Laura Squirrell from Lighthouse was able to join us on race day.






We held a ginormous raffle (supported by umpteen generous local companies and businesses!) to raise funds for the charity…and in addition the fabulous Sarah Nourse painted literally hundreds of children’s faces during the morning to add to the coffers!


After the event we caught up with Laura at the Lighthouse Community Centre in Ipswich. She showed us around the centre so that we could get a real feel for the invaluable work that goes on there, and we handed over our cheque to her.


The wonderful Ruth Leach joined us on the day, and took (even more!) photos to wrap up the 2016 event – heartfelt thanks to her!





The Lighthouse Women’s Aid will certainly be a key feature of the Farmhouse Five in 2017 too, in some new and exciting ways!



We also very much wanted to support a charity that was doing positive work with empowering girls a little further afield…


And so we chose to donate a portion of every participant’s entry fee to the charity Plan UK, and specifically to their Girls Fund as a part of their ‘Because I am a girl’ campaign.


The serious side of us at Green Health Events realises that there is a much bigger picture for girls who don’t have the freedom, let alone the advantages that we have the privilege of having.


The ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign has already helped 58 million girls worldwide. Wow!


They “aim to help hundreds of million more so that they will be free from violence and can get the education, skills and support they need to become powerful forces for change in their communities.”




Plan says that the bottom line is that “investing in girls is one of the single best investments we can make to end poverty for everyone.”


Powerful words, we think.  And so we did our little bit to help from our efforts at the Farmhouse Five.


Afterwards we received a really super note of thanks from Plan UK…


We would like to say a big thank you to for taking part in the Farmhouse Five for Females and supporting our Because I am a Girl campaign. We think you’re all amazing!



Together, you have helped to raise £365 to help us ensure that girls worldwide can live safe from violence, go to school, marry who they want, when they want and have their voices heard. Our work is only possible by incredible people like you so thank you so much for your support.



Thank you for helping girls worldwide to realise their potential.



Thanks so much to Plan UK for that – making a difference is what we think it’s all about! : )


So do we! : )


According to Ugandaâs Ministry of Education, in 2012 the number of girls who enrolled in secondary school stood at 343,000, in contrast to 408,000 for boys. This is a trend that is mirrored across the globe, with girls less likely to attend school and to have access to medical care, and more likely to be deprived of food. Plan is helping to combat these inequalities by supporting girls in some of the world's poorest countries to complete their education.



Getting Involved in 2017



The Farmhouse Five 2017 on Sunday 26th March 2017 will again be forging and reinforcing our strong charitable links… We getting super excited as we put together the last of the details about how you can use the efforts of your running and create greater ripple effects by benefitting those around us for whom the leisure and pleasure of running is not such an everyday occurrence…


We’ll be letting you know soon how you can get involved! : )



Thanks both in advance, and for last year’s efforts too!


Dawn and the Green Health Events Team

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