28th March 2017

Race Results & Photos 2017

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The Race Results for the Farmhouse Five 2017 are here ladies! Very well done to every single Running Goddess! : )


Here are all of the results!


The first link takes you to the ‘Open’ race results (maybe one or two category changes for some next time! ; ) and the links below will take you to the category results themselves… Once you’ve digested all of those, scroll to the bottom to take a sneaky peak at the fabulous photographs!


Farmhouse Five 2017 Overall Results


Oh wow, I’m delighted that I did it!


I am inherently strong and powerful


I have the wind beneath my wings


Wonderful and sunny photographs from Ruth Leach Photography are now available!


Click Here For Photos


Please select the ‘People‘ tab, thenĀ  ‘Galleries‘ and the gallery is called ‘Farmhouse Five‘. You will need to enter the password Lux2017 to access the photographs.


Although Ruth has very kindly allowed all images to be free to download in support of the event, please do not share the password with anyone unless they were a participant. Email addresses are required as security for viewing and downloading your images.


If you do not wish to have your images displayed in this gallery please email Ruth at Ruth@ruthleachphotography.com and she will remove them.


Although the occasional runner was unfortunately missed crossing the line (usually due to a bunched group), it’s an opportunity for Ruth to capture these ladies next time! ; )


We both sincerely hope these highlights bring back many happy memories… And very many thanks to the gorgeous and generous Ruth Leach for her endless enthusiasm, her fabulous photos and for creatively capturing the day in stills! We are most grateful!


You might also like to take a look at the East Anglian Daily Times coverage of the day!


Farmhouse Five 2017 – EADT


We hope that you enjoyed the stunning sunshine and the fabulous footpaths of the Fynn Valley…we certainly had a super morning!


Many thanks ladies, and we hope to see you again soon!


Very best wishes from the Green Health Events Team

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