Have You Got A Couple of Hours Spare?!

If so, we’d absolutely love to hear from you to lend us a hand

on Sunday 26th March 2017…


It might be that your wife, or girlfriend, daughter or sister is taking part in the race, and you’d be happy to help out with our marshalling duties on race day.

If so, please drop us a line here and we’ll be back in touch in no time! Thanks!


Or maybe you’re carrying a pesky injury at the moment, and even though ordinarily you’d be running yourself, you really don’t want to miss out!?

In that case, please get in touch and it would be super for you to be involved in some way in any case! : )


No particular skills or previous experience required – you just need to be happy to sport some hi-viz while on ‘duty’, and be able to bring an abundance of enthusiasm and a whole-hearted spirit with you.


We’ll dish out the easy-to-follow instructions and we guarantee that you’ll have a super morning supporting family members and a whole host of new friends : )


Hot tea will be flowing, of course, and you’ll definitely deserve a slice of complimentary cake after your stint! Gratitude and our thanks will be on tap as well…


Please drop us a line – we’re already looking forward to you joining us! Many thanks in advance…