28th February 2017

Your Internal Running Chip Timing

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We’ve all come to expect chip timing at races nowadays… and we won’t let you down at the Farmhouse Five 2017!


But this expectation is a relatively new thing, really…


Your Garmin, Strava and all of the technologies that we’ve applied to our running are newish too.


As the Farmhouse Five starts in 3 waves of ‘Running Goddesses’, we need to keep a track on your actual finish time, hence we’ll be using a chip timing system. But this said, it’s a multi-terrain route, and so for those of you who have been predominantly running on road your time at the race will not be comparable to your road times (so please amend your expectations here accordingly! ; )


As it happens, at Green Health Events, we’re big fans of running without a watch.


Totally and utterly leaving it at home!


This is because we love to have the experience of running within ourselves, and feeling the feeling of running in our body (just as we’ve done for aeons in the past!)…rather than gauging our progress from the external source of our watch.


This gives us a totally different perspective on ‘how we’re doing’…it becomes about the motion, then meditation in the motion, and then the experience of feeling fitter, and stronger and faster… And then we start to gauge how well we’re running from how we feel in our body.


If you’re interested in having a play with this, then we’ve designed the Predictor Team Challenge for this very purpose!


Get together with two other girlfriends or work colleagues or family members, and predict the individual and total time that you’ll going to take to complete the race… But then you all have to leave your watches in the baggage storage! (Because otherwise that would be cheating! ; )


The team who finish closest to their predicted time will win the prize! Well worth the extra fun (and at no extra cost! ; )



Below is the entry form to complete and return by email to info@farmhousefive.co.uk by Thursday 23rd March.


Predictor Team Challenge Entry Form



Feel free to take a look at the special blog about the Predictor Team Challenge as well here:






We look forward to seeing the challenge unfold and in the meantime, see how it feels to run watch-free…you might be surprised at how it changes your experience! : )

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